In order to find the archetype associated with a given hexagram (either starting or resulting), you need to know the index number associated with the hexagram. To do this, you use the Hexagram Index Table.

To use the Hexagram Index Table, divide the hexagram into a lower trigram (the bottom three lines) and an upper trigram (the top three lines). Find the lower trigram in the first column of the Hexagram Index Table. Find the upper trigram in the top row of the Hexagram Index Table. The interception of the that row and column is the index number of the hexagram.

I Ching Hexagram Index Table

Write the starting and resulting hexagram numbers in your notebook.

Note: the hexagram index table is reproduced in the first page of your I Ching Notebook and the last page of the book, Wisdom's Way: The Christian I Ching.

Once you know the indices for your hexagrams, you can jump to the appropriate archetypes in the next tab, Looking Up Your Archetypes.