What is the I Ching?

The I Ching is a 3000 year old book of Asian wisdom. It recognizes 64 fundamental archetypes, and believes everything can be described by those archetypes and the relationships between them. Usually the I Ching is coupled with mapping protocols, which allow one to map situations that one cares about to archetypes that the I Ching knows about. When used in the context of Christian discernment, this becomes a tool for understanding how God is calling us to respond to specific situations.

What is the Yìjīng?

This is an alternative spelling of the I Ching. Both Yìjīng and I Ching refer to the same book.

How is this related to the Dao De Jing?

The Dao De Jing, also known as the Tao Te Ching, is another of the great chinese wisdom books. It describes the source of all existance that the ancients knew as Tao and that most Christians know as God. The Dao De Jing and the I Ching are bound by a common philosophy, but are two completely different books.

What is the Christian I Ching?

In the original I Ching, each of the 64 archetypes is illustrated by short readings that helped people remember the essence of the archetype. These stories were meaningful to people 3,000 years ago, when the I Ching was first introduced. However these stories have little meaning to most people today. In the Christian I Ching, these anachronistic readings have been replaced by short readings from the Hebrew and Christian bibles. These new readings serve two purposes. First, these readings are easier for contemporary Christians to relate to. Second, these reading serve to illustrate the synergies between the Bible and the I Ching.

Does the Bible forbid divination?

It is true that Deuteronomy forbids "divination." However there are many places in the bible where random events are interpreted as communicating the will of God. We believe that the divination that is forbidden is attempting to predict the future. We do not use the Christian I Ching to predict the future, but to clarify what God is calling upon us to do to help create the future that God wants for all of us. In this way, our use of the Christian I Ching is no different that the use of lots by the apostles to choose a replacement for Judas, as described in Acts 1:21-26.

How do I use the I Ching?

The I Ching is a tool for helping us to understand how we personally are being called by God to to respond to a given situation. It is inappropriate  to use the I Ching to try to understand how anybody else is being called by God to respond to some situation. For this reason, we do not "do readings" for people. We facilitate people doing readings for themselves.