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Our first publication is Wisdom's Way - The Christian I Ching

You can purchase this at Amazon. Please note: Wisdom's Way is available in both paperback and Kindle versions. Because of the large number of illustrations, we recommend the paperback version.

You can read the Preface to The Christian I Ching [here].

You can read Chapter 2 of The Christian I Ching [here]. This chapter describes the use of discernment tools such as The Christian I Ching in The Bible.

Notes from the Author

In 1920 Carl Jung, then only 35, discovered a three thousand year old book of wisdom that captivated him the rest of his life. That book was the I Ching. I know exactly how he felt.

I don’t remember when I was first introduced to the I Ching because I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have her. Our relationship goes back well over 40 years now. Sometimes we would slip away from each other for a while, but whenever I needed a trusted advisor, she was there.

Many things have changed over those years. Loves have come and gone. Doors have opened and closed. Upheavals have altered my life’s path. But one thing has remained constant: my relationship with the I Ching.

Fifteen years ago, a life-changing event made me rethink my understanding of existence. I could no longer understand the cosmos as an accidental byproduct of quantum collisions. I could now only understand it as a physical manifestation of boundless loving creative energy. I began to understand this energy as God, and understand Jesus Christ as the living revelation of how we are called into relationship with God.

As my identification as a Christian became stronger, my relationship with the I Ching came under attack. Other Christians put her down because she was “pagan”. She was a tool of divination, forbidden by Deuteronomic code. She was the voice of the Devil.

But the I Ching I knew was the voice of reason, of wisdom, of love. So I began an intense study of the relationship between the I Ching and the Bible. I learned that the Bible and the I Ching are not in conflict; they are synergistic. The Bible includes many examples of discernment tools such as the I Ching being used to better understand God’s will. The problem is not in the I Ching, but in the Christian understanding of the I Ching.

Let me introduce you to my trusted advisor, an advisor I have shared with Carl Jung and millions of others. I hope you will open yourself to a relationship that I believe will enrich your life as much as it has enriched mine. If you are a Christian, I pray the I Ching leads you to being a better Christian, as she has led me.

May the peace of Christ be with you, now and forever.

- Roger Sessions