Personal Consultations

If you would like an experienced Christian I Ching facilitator to help you with a reading, we can do this. This can be done either in person or online. In either case, the process usually follows these steps:

  1. The facilitator works with you to better understand the background of the query.
  2. The facilitator helps you define a well formed question.
  3. The facilitator guides you in the stone manipulation.
  4. The facilitator ensures you are looking at the right archetypes and moving lines.
  5. The facilitator helps you interpret the response of the Christian I Ching.
  6. The facilitator can give you suggestions for followup questions.

You should plan on two hours for the entire process. The cost $80 per consultation, assuming extensive travel is not involved.

If you are not familiar with the Christian I Ching, you should take our online workshop before embarking on a facilitated reading. For more information on our online workshop, [click here].

All of our facilitators are experienced Spiritual Directors or Life Coaches.

Remember, the Christian I Ching does not predict the future, it helps you understand how God is calling on you to respond to specific challenges in your life. God wants what is best for you, so the reading will help you clarify how you can achieve the best possible outcome for a given situation. But keep in mind that the best possible outcome may not be the outcome that your Ego wants!

For help scheduling a facilitation, contact us by [clicking here].

Before you schedule a paid session, remember that everything you need to do your own reading is available at no charge on this web site