Archetype 28: The Breaking Point

CR P02 C28 A01

From noon on, darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon. And about three o’clock Jesus cried with a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” that is, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

—Matthew 27:45–46

The Reading

Jesus has reached the end. Up until now, he has been able to take the torment. Not anymore. He has reached the breaking point.

The Hexagram

CR P02 C28 A02

This hexagram consists of Wonder above and Spirit below. These trigrams are mirror images of each other. Putting the two together gives four strong lines in the center surrounded by weak lines at the end. This indicates that even though there is great strength in the center, that strength has reached its breaking point.

The Archetype

There is a time...

  • To accept that even the greatest strength cannot bear the load any longer.
  • To recognize that one is in an extraordinary and momentous time and that extraordinary measures are needed.
  • To recognize that things cannot continue, and that a transition must be found if success is to be achieved.
  • To understand that force will not be effective; what is needed is understanding.
  • To stand firm, even when standing alone.

Now is that time.

Moving Lines

Moving Line in the First (Bottom) Position

A moving line in the bottom position warns that this is a time for exceptional caution.

Moving Line in the Second Position

A moving line in the second position suggests that it is possible to move forward by uniting with those of a lower position.

Moving Line in the Third Position

A moving line in the third position indicates one who is pushing forward despite the obstacles and refusing advice from those wiser. When one refuses advice, one cannot expect support. This is not sustainable. Eventually the situation will collapse, and the more forcefully one pushes, the sooner this will happen. Now is the time to hold back.

Moving Line in the Fourth Position

 A moving line in the fourth position indicates that an alliance with those in a lower position has resulted in mastering the situation. But the line also warns one not to take advantage of the situation by giving in to one’s own Ego-driven desires.

Moving Line in the Fifth Position

A moving line in the fifth position warns not to abandon the relationships with those in a lower position in favor of those in a higher position.

Moving Line in the Sixth (Top) Position

A moving line in the top position indicates that a climactic time has been reached. Courage is needed, and great danger is around the corner. The task at hand is so important that even losing one’s life is a price worth paying.

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