Interpreting Your I Ching Reading

The starting archetype generally refers to start of your situation. The moving lines generally refer to the forces acting on your situation. The resulting archetype generally describes how the situation is likely to unfold. You can open the archetype descriptions in the next tab, Index for Online Archetype Descriptions.

For the starting archetype, read everything up to the lines section. Click on only those lines that are moving and read those sections. For the resulting archetype, read everything up to the lines, but not the line sections since they have already been read.

When reading the scriptures associated with the archetypes, ask yourself: who are you in the reading? What is each section in the archetype telling you? Share your reading with others who know your situation and love you. What insight do they bring?

Remember, the reading is ultimately yours. Nobody else can tell you what your reading means, they can only offer suggestions. But there is a special wisdom that comes from people viewing a reading together.