Resources You Can Build Yourself

Build Your Own Christian I Ching Query Mat

Print one copy of the file QueryMat.pdf available [here].

This file contains three sheets. Tape them together as shown below:


Once you have done a few readings, you won't need this mat anymore, so don't worry about making it perfect. If you would like something a little nicer, get a placemat, a permanent marker, and a straight edge and copy this design to the placemat. If you would like an even nicer query mat, check out our online store for handmade query mats from Guatamala.

Create Your Own Christian I Ching Notebook

You will need a three ring binder made so that a cover sheet can be slipped in the front and the back of the binder.

Print one copy of the file ChristianIChingWorkbookCover.pdf, available [here]. These are two pages that will be the front and back cover of your notebook.

Print 15 copies of the file ChristianIChingWorkbookInsidePages.pdf, available [here]. These will be the inside pages that you will use for keeping notes on your readings. You will want to three-hole punch these pages. If you don't have a three-hold punch, you can probably borrow one at your local copy center. As you use up these pages you can always print more.


Acquire Your Own Query Stones

You will need a set of query stones. This is a set of 52 semi-flat stones of about 1/2 inch or 1.25 cm in diameter. The stones should look somewhat similar. You can buy a bag of decorative stones at a hobby store such as Michael's. They are usually kept in the floral area. Choose whichever color you like. You might also be able to find and use beach stones. If you would like a really nice set of stones, see our online store.