About Study Groups

Christian I Ching Study Groups are groups that meet on a regular basis to discuss readings and introduce new people to the Christian I Ching. Typically these groups meet once a month. These groups can be open to the public or limited to members of a specific group such as a church. These groups can be open enrollment, admiting new members at any time, or periodic enrollment, admiting new members only at specific times.

These groups often become deeply bonded because of the depth of personal information that is inevitably shared. 

Each group will create its own guidelines, but here are some that we have found helpful:

  • The group agrees to keep all discussion confidential. The confidentiality agreement is reviewed when new members are admitted. 
  • When a reading is discussed, each group member can bring insight into possible interpretations of the reading. Ultimately, however, it is the querent who "owns" the reading, and who must decide what the reading means. It is helpful in the discussions for non-querents to use language like, "If this was my reading, I might be focusing on ..."
  • Members should be encouraged to bring their favorite I Chings to the meeting. It is often helpful to see how other I Chings have interpreted a given archetype.
  • For most meetings, it is best not to try to do readings at the meeting itself, as this becomes difficult to coordinate, especially with new people.

Your group might want to offer one or two workshops a year at which new people are introduced to the Christian I Ching. One way to do this is to schedule a day in which our online video course is shown and at which experienced members are available to lead discussions and help interpret readings. This will require a payment fee for the video course, but split between the participants this cost will be negligible. For more information on the video course, [click here].

If you would like us to list your group, let us know.