The Christian I Ching Video Workshop
by Roger Sessions

What You Will Learn

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to incorporate one of the greatest discernment tools ever discovered into your spiritual life.

The I Ching has been used for thousands of years by billions of people and you will learn how to use this remarkable tool to ask for God’s guidance on how to respond to your greatest challenges.

You will learn how to properly form your questions, manipulate the query stones to receive six numbers, translate those numbers into one of the 64 ancient I Ching archetypes, and then interpret those archetypes into specific actions that God is inviting you to take.

You will learn how to integrate the most widely used discernment tool in history into your daily spiritual practice.

There is no cost for this course. This is not a trick. There is nothing you need to buy. There are no costly add-ons. There is no advertising. This is my gift to you.

The entire workshop takes a little over two hours to go through.

I just put this workshop up on YouTube on November 11, 2019. So this is still in Beta. If you see any errors, let me know. Enjoy!

Video Overview

The YouTube series is a complete course on the Christian I Ching. There is no cost for this course. The video consists of 12 parts. The parts, with links to the YouTube videos, are as follows:

Note that part 1, The Promo, was originally intended as a promotional video for the course, so there is overlap with other sections. I felt it contains a useful overview, so I included it in the course video. It is a good place to start if you are wondering what this course is about.

Important Notes

The video assumes you have or are buying the book, Wisdom's Way; The Christian I Ching. You can purchase a softcover version or a kindle version. I do not recommend the kindle version, because many of the graphs are difficult to read.

Since recording the video, I have made most of the book material available on this web site. There is material in the book that is not on the website, but everything you need to complete this course and to do readings is available on this site. A good starting place is the Hexagram Index Table. From there you can get to the text for any of the 64 archetypes. 


The course refers to some files that you will need to download. These can all be found at our Do It Yourself page.